New School App

Our new App is ready!   If you have a smart phone, you can go to either Google Play for Android devices, or to the App Store if you have an i-Phone and download the "Stuart School District" app.  You will be able to access all things Stuart on your phone.  If you want to know what is for breakfast and lunch, simply open your app, click on the three dashes in the top left hand corner and click on dining.  Each week, the menu is uploaded for both and when you click on the date, the menu is displayed.

You will also be able to find news or events all at the touch of a finger.  Notifications will come through this app as well as through text messages in the event you do not have a smart phone.

We are still learning to use this new tool and are trying to get even more information to our patrons.  Again, thank you for your patience while during this time! 

Tracy Blasengame,