Hello First Grade! If you do not have online access and are using only the packet you picked up from school in the black bags that I prepared for your child, it includes workbooks that go along with our Reading, English, Math, and Spelling. There is also a folder inside that contains your child's IXL and Reading Eggs Password. I am asking that each student do 25 minutes of IXL READING, 25 minutes of IXL MATH each day (both on 1st grade level just going in order starting at A, doing anything they have not completed then going on to 2nd grade if they complete all of 1st), and 10 minutes of Reading Eggs, for a total of 1 hour a day. If you are not able to do online and are doing straight paper work that you pick up at school, then I recommend working from a Language Arts book for 30 minutes and a Math book for 30 minutes. Again you can just go in order with the book and for math I have also included both review work and new material work in a Math Work folder, along with some magazines just for reading fun. You may contact me at 918-424-5263 if you need assistance. Thank you,tell the kids I think of them everyday and I miss their faces and voices so much and I hope you are all staying well and safe! Also if you send me a short video (less than a minute, so I can save it) of your child reading then I will add it to our Facebook album. Prayers and love to all of my students and their families.

Mrs. Lindley

Mrs. Starr, our student teacher this semester, has created a Facebook page called "Mrs. Starr's Student Teaching Adventures". It is for our class so she can continue to do her student teaching by sharing stories, lessons, and information. If you have not been invited to the page and would like to be please contact one of us!!